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B7 is a publishing house based out of Los Angeles, California. Our books can be found at major and indie retailers worldwide in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats. Our audiobooks can be purchased everywhere audiobooks are sold, through our official store, and as vinyl through select retailers. Merchandise and special edition books can be purchased through our official store and select retailers as well.



Between 2014-2016 the publishers lead the development of over 300 works of contemporary poetry, including projects with every American New York Times Bestselling poet of the last five years. In 2016 they began work on B7 as a passion project and opened the company in December 2017.



Every book published after 1 January 2019 has a percentage of global gross receipts donated to a charity of the artist’s choice. Information about the charity and why it was chosen can be found in the back of the book in a letter from the artist.