Third Editions & Barnes Exclusives

We’re working on getting the Barnes and Noble exclusive editions of our books published in 2018 available on They’ll be up before Valentine's day for all international customers. Thank you for your patience and select future titles will have exclusive Barnes and Noble editions sold at the time of release.

We just completed work on the third and final editions of our 2017-2018 titles. Each book has a new edition and they’ll be available between March-May of this year. They will also be available through more retailers than the previous editions. Every aspect of the books has been redone in this budgeted overhaul: they are entirely re-edited, contain new content, and any design element present in the original publication has been refined. There won’t be an increase in price.

In September-November we released second editions with some minor refinements printed on 70LB paper instead of 40LB. it was a minimal change compared to these total redesigns. If you want to purchase one of our older titles, it might be worth waiting for these updates.