On "Hi-Res" Editions, specifications.

We've announced our first title through 777 and we've had questions regarding the various editions available for purchase. "Hi-Res" editions are generally identical to their retail counterparts with the quality and size being the only differentials -- unless noted. Here's the full details below.

standard books:
printed on 30 or 40 lb paper
uncoated paper
5x8 poetry books
7x10 art and photography books

hi-res books
printed on 60, 80, or 100lb paper
6x9 or 8.5x11 poetry books
8.5x11 art and photography books
may contain additional art, notes, or writing by the author
ebook is included as immediate download

"Do these versions contain more art or writing?"

In a sense, yes. When we create a book we frame to the standard version of the book, or the version of the book being shipped to retailers. For poetry books, art can extend outside the 5x8 trim which you'll see in the hi-res version, because it's a bigger book and nothing is cropped. The same is true for photography and art. Nothing is zoomed in, just cropped, so you'll see more of the art and imagery.

In terms of writing or extra content, an artist may choose to include a note on the edition, a few extra pieces, but our books that go to retailers are almost identical outside quality. The hi-res is a collectors item, and something for people who want to own the book in the quality it was designed.

"Why is it substantially more money?

The cost to print one copy of a "hi-res" version, when printed in bulk, is more than the MSRP of the same book through retailers. These books are not meant for mass commercial markets. They are our favorite versions, and something we would feel incomplete without, but not viable outside our shop.

"Will every book have a hi-res version"

Only color books.

"How much better is the quality of a 'hi-res' version? Does this mean that books through retailers are poor quality?"

A hi-res version is technically 6x the resolution of a retailer version, printed on 2x (or more) paper thickness, printed on better paper, coated so that the quality is consistent for as long as the book exists, and more durable. The standard edition of the book is a great, beautiful book, and something we love as well. You really have to hold a 'hi-res' version for yourself to see the quality difference. Some may prefer the regular books. It's clearly a collectors item when holding it.

"How do Hi-Res books come shipped?"

Wrapped & boxed. If there is absolutely any issues with the quality we will ship another free of charge.