Website & Store updates (1.0)

18 May 2018

We’ve updated our website and store with over 100 new updates for customers, artists, and those just browsing. Here is a list of some new changes.



  • Artist accounts. Artists can log in to see payment schedules, request copies of books, see marketing materials, submit publicity, contact, and payment information, and dozens of other things. The login can be found at the bottom of the website under "artists".

  • New design for site & every page has been updated.

  • The retailers page has been updated to also reflect shipping worldwide more clearly as well as list the countries our store ships to.

  • Support added. now includes in-depth help for a variety of issues including lost customer account support for our store.

  • Our policy has been updated to reflect new additions to the site and store.

  • Publicity has been updated.

  • Merchandise info & Book info show where our products are sold in a more concise view than our full retailer list.

  • Wholesale inquiries for books & merchandise has been added.

  • Feedback for our website & store has been added.



  • Customer account updates. Customer accounts have been updated so that we can include store credit. Gift card support. Code redemption. Digital locker for all digital downloads with products. Updated UI. Automatic tracking.

  • User interfaced updated preparing for ios & andriod applications.

  • Updated tracking tools.

  • 7 currencies added.

  • Bug fixes. Canadian shipping error fixed. Digital downloads on specific devices not working has been fixed.

  • Sorting by product.

  • Support for 43 new product types we'll have out over the summer season as we launch.