We’re really excited about 2019 at 777. We’ll have at least 30 titles out next year and announcements start soon. We wanted to let you know what has changed. Thank you so much for your support.

Our books will now be in pre-sale for 2-4 months through retailers as opposed to 4-6 weeks. We’re expanding the distribution of our physical books by a considerable amount through major distribution and working with the media on upcoming releases. You’ll be able to buy our books anywhere in the world now with only 10 countries not having easy access to a new release. Every title will be released in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats.

Our ebooks will also be available virtually everywhere ebooks are sold, on nearly every reader, including non-color displays (although we don’t suggest it for most releases).

Apple Books Exclusives are versions of our ebooks sold through the Apple Books store that include video, animation, audio and other special features. We have a news update on that here.

Ebook Redemption is introduced 1 January 2019 through select retailers. If you purchase a physical copy of a book through retailers you’ll be able to download the ebook version for free including any apple exclusive. You’ll be able to redeem here.

The Bad Girls Book Club® replaces our newsletter and we’ll be sending announcements early with additional content, access to early sales, and exclusive discounts. You’ll also be able to create a log in for our website to talk on member / artists forums, watch live readings / performances, participate in contests / giveaways and so much more. News on that here. We’ve also made an instagram for it.

The Sevens Store was completely redesigned to allow for more than 15 artists shops (can now host over 200) and each shop can now be uniquely customized, contain all the information a website would, and have SEO optimization / domain routing. We also introduced language support for every currency we provide support for, redid customer account dashboards to include a digital downloads locker, and so much more.

Customer Support for the 777 store now becomes 777 support , handling all requests to the company. Emails are responded to via representative. We now also have automated assistance, corresponding with whoever is emailing to make sure we get everything we need and to ensure someone is getting the support they need. If you email about anything you purchased from our store vs writing you submitted, the assistance is completely different. If you’re emailing about a product that wasn’t sold through our store (most aren’t), we can make sure you get in touch with the right customer service. We have a news update on that here.

Universal Feedback is included with every product sold through any retailer using the same system we do for ebook redemption. No matter where a product is sold we can be directly contacted about the quality, delivery, and content here.

Artist Submissions are now live and submission guidelines can be found here.

Media logins and information have also been made live. You can login at the top right of It’s the same place our book club and artists log in.

777 Artists have been issued the 2019 Publisher overview handbook early. This 130 page guidebook contains all of our standards / procedures, resources, and design guidelines. We also updated the artist portal to reflect all the changes, including media forms and all the other resources found in the overview. The artist login is the best place to update all the information the company keeps on file, submit for additional copies of a book, submit information for everyone who will receive books early, and everything else that would traditionally be manually done.